Heartrate Monitor User Guide


Measure Heart Rate  is an easy-to-use heart rate monitor for measuring and recording heart rate. 

User Guide:

1. Click the “START” button to enter the measurement mode;

2. Hold the index finger close to the camera and flash, about ten seconds later, the measurement result will be displayed;

3. Select your measurement status and add measurement notes in the “measurement result mode”;

4. Click save button;

5. You can modify your remarks and status in “Measurement Record”;

6. On the “Settings” page, you can set the functions of syncing your heart rate to “Apple Health”, modifying the dynamic background, exporting data, setting reminders, etc.


1、Why is my measurement result inaccurate?

Most of the reasons are due to poor contact between the finger and the camera. Try to keep your fingers in steady contact with the camera and LED. At this point, you should be able to see that the heart rate curve is nearly stable, as shown in the figure below: