User Guide



  1. The software can support HTTP packet capture by default. If you need to capture and parse HTTPs traffic, you need to install a certificate
  2. Click the start button, the system will create and connect to the vpn, and start the packet capture process; if you reject the vpn configuration, the packet capture cannot be performed
  3. Click the orange task bar to view the current session, and click the session to view the session request and response
  4. Click the request line and response line in the session to export the corresponding value
  5. You can filter the content of a specific domain name through the filter button
  6. You can export the session content through the export button
  7. Click the stop button, a history record will be generated for subsequent viewing
  8. If you need to clean up all data, you can go to the settings page and click the clear all data button

How the software works

After opening the softeare, the software will start a vpn and direct the vpn data packet to the local HTTP proxy server. Complete the analysis and storage of the data packet in the local proxy server. For HTTTPs data, you need to install and trust the certificate to successfully parse it.

How to install CA certificate

Install the certificate in two steps:

  1.  Install profile: Click install -> Jump to Safari -> Allow download configuration profile -> Settings -> Already downloaded description file -> Install
  2. Trust Certificate: Settings -> General -> About -> Certificate Trust Settings -> Selected -> Complete

Note: [Verified] is different from [Trusted]